Nvidia talks PC gaming

[Editor’s Note: Despite how hard cameraman and tech guy Roy Malcomber tried, we had several technology fails. Apologies for the sound quality and the delay in posting.]

While I have always owned a PC, I consider myself a console gamer. In fact, over the years I have developed something of a fear of PC gaming. So when people talk about graphics cards and processing speeds, my eyes simply gloss over. I admit, I just don’t know how they work, and the thought of buying and installing graphic cards, sound cards and whatever else terrifies me. Yet PC games are still going stronger than ever on the whole, boasting beautiful graphics and arguably better controls than their console counterparts, Dragon Age being a perfect example.

At Eurogamer Expo in October I took time to talk to Ben Berraondo from Nvidia about PC gaming, what Nvidia does to keep PC gaming going and how they work to make sure that using Nvidia products is as simple as possible, even for PC-fearing idiots like myself.

So if anybody wants to recommend me a good gaming PC for less than £500, preferably one that doesn’t require building from scratch, leave a comment below.

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