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Nvidia drops 1080 card to $499, new Ti card faster than Titan

2017-03-01 02:14:00  ยท  Papa Niero

New king of graphics cards?

Some exciting hardware news out of GDC: Nvidia's shipping a faster graphics card on March 6th, and perhaps more exciting - they're dropping the price on the much-hyped GeForce 1080 GTX for $499.

The new GeForce 1080 Ti is due soon at $700, and promises "up to 35% more performance" than its predecessor. The card draws 30 watts less power and has more computing power, but 1GB less of VRAM than the $1200 Titan X. Nvidia has released the specs on their site but, to pump their numbers, compared it to the 980 instead. Marketing people are profoundly annoying. 

Folks, as excited as I am about this please wait for the independent benchmarks. We've heard stuff like "twice as fast" when the Pascal architecture was announced, but that didn't exactly translate to 4K 60 FPS. Still, people that are building new rigs or are looking for smoother VR should be most excited. Nvidia is calling this their "best Ti ever". No doubts on that mark. 

Check out the full specs on the Nvidia site.

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