Nuka-Cola vending machine vends Nuka-Cola

If there is ever an excuse to do something awesome, it is in order to party. That was the reasoning behind Kotaku reader Tugrik’s creation of a bona fide Nuka-Cola machine. You might remember the soda brand from your adventures in post-apocalyptic Washington, DC in Fallout 3. The fine gentlemen behind the old-timey soda vendor used a 1970’s pull-bottle vending machine to create the piece of gaming joy.

They didn’t stop at just the vending machine though. The soda has proper labels on it and if you check out the machine’s site (or the images below) you can finally see what Quantum would look like in real life. I wonder what their version of Nuka-Cola tastes like. I’d wager Coke.

I guess these guys have a new favorite food to eat while gaming (get ready to jump waaay back to a time when Niero wrote posts if you click that link).

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