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Nude Maker hopes to port NightCry to PS4, Xbox One


Project Scissors team adds faraway stretch goals as time dwindles

Clock Tower spiritual successor NightCry seems unlikely to satisfy its $300,000 crowdfunding goal, given the title has raised just half that sum with only a week to go. Despite the grim outlook, its creators have unveiled new stretch goals showing a desire to bring the horror game to consoles.

Nude Maker hopes to bankroll a PlayStation 4 version should it acquire $450,000 and promises an Xbox One release if contributions total more than $550,000. Playism tells Destructoid the project is planned for PlayStation Vita and mobile platforms regardless of the campaign's outcome.

The team also released a new gameplay reel, which teaches us not to hide in clothes dryers.

Project Scissors: NightCry [Kickstarter]

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