NPD changes mind, will continue to provide sales figures

It looks like the NPD pulled a “360” and will continue to provide monthly sales data on software and hardware for free. The NPD told Next-Gen that they were surprised by the amount of outcry and backlash after their announcement last week. The main reason they took away the numbers in the first place was because they wanted their clients to release the numbers. But now:

Riley assures that now, “Nothing is going to change. All will remain the same… The ‘Big Three’ [Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony] are on board, so we’ll be providing these figures indefinitely.”

It’s good to know that “Wii” will continue to get these numbers and that fanboys around the world will be able to continue their retarded wars. 

(P.S.(3): My jokes are laaaaame)

[Image via Dueling Analogs

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