Now you too can be a stock trader!

First, Capcom put out the smash hit Phoenix Wright, a game where you get to play as a lawyer. Now, Capcom is taking another shot by putting out Kabu Toreida Shunji, a game where you play as…a stock trader! (Stock Trader Instant is the literal translation of the title) According to the announcement, you play the game as a young stock trader who is being lead by a mentor. The game has you competing against a rival over a period of several months to try and outdo them in the stock trades.

The game will feature a versus mode, and will be coming out June 7th in Japan and will retail for 5,040 yen. Now honestly, a stock trader game? With Trauma Center and Phoenix Wright already out, I won’t immediately discount this game, but I’ve got to laugh at it. At the very least, the game will provide a glossary for people who aren’t familiar with stock terms.

You can check out the site here and get your dollars ready. Or, you can start petitioning Capcom right away to bring this game to the U.S.

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