Nom nom: Red Faction: Guerrilla Field Rations are tasty

During my time with Red Faction: Guerrilla, I moved the game’s protagonist Alec Mason across nearly 200 kilometers of Mars, and I didn’t see a single place to eat. I blew up 47 buildings, and not one of them was an In-and-Out Burger.

What do people eat on Mars? Don’t they get hungry? Here’s THQ’s answer — Red Faction: Guerrilla Field Rations in the form of freeze-dried strawberry ice cream. The publisher handed out packets of the “rations” at a recent Red Faction: Guerrilla preview event, and I was fortunate enough to take it through airport security without them thinking it was some kind of explosive. Because it sure does look like some kind of shiny bomb packet… thing.

This is the kind of stuff astronauts with a sweet tooth take into outer space, and the same stuff you can buy in museum gift shops around the country. Only with 100% more Red Faction: Guerrilla marketing. Pretty cool… and tasty, too.

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