No XMB in the NGP

You down with OPP? Err, uh…

Sony’s XMB user interface won’t be included in their upcoming portable game system, the NGP. With the front screen being a touch interface, futzing around with a d-pad through menus would be the long way around. This alone would require an interface overhaul, but there’s another reason: the social networking factor.

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida told Edge magazine that they wanted “to make this device very social network orientated: there are lots of fun games on Facebook, for example.”  

He continued: “We wanted to integrate the social networking factor, the potential for friends to join in, interact at any moment. We wanted the entire screen to be part of that experience.”

Integrating social networking? Hopefully they don’t go overboard. Mentioning “lots of fun” Facebook games sounds like they’re going to go overboard. Don’t make this fancy-pants game system and expect that I’m going to want to play Cityville on it, Sony.

Sony NGP: XMB dropped for ‘social networking factor‘ [CVG]

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