No, really: Tetris: The Movie

Okay, so not really really. But why not? If they can do a series on grown up Street Fighters or make a movie trailer for Minesweeper, then why not Tetris?

Black20 gives us this insane vision of what a Tetris movie would be like with this Tetris – The Movie trailer. If you would’ve asked me to create a Tetris movie concept, I would have never come up with the piloted tetrominoes concept. Hats off to the creators! I wonder if Alexey Pajitnov has seen this.

From the video post:

This is Mike O’Gorman’s concept that I directed and edited. Mike wrote the script and even built large model Tetris blocks that we shot against green screen. I thought we could pull off the special effects if we made them highly stylized. No 3-D animation was used in this piece. Just models, 2-D animation and green screen. We were going for a Tron/Sin City look.

What do you think? Would the Greatest Videogame of All Time become the Greatest Movie of All Time if it was to be made? If you were a tetromino pilot, which shape would you fly?

[Via Polygamia — Thanks, Piotr] 

Dale North