No Echochrome sequel in the works

Today, at the Develop conference, Sony Japan producer Tatsuya Suzuki and researcher Jun Fujiki told Eurogamer, “We’re not doing a sequel. We’re not doing Echochrome 2.” The move is surprising considering the praise Echochrome is still receiving from critics and gamers alike. Instead, Fujiki’s work with 3D coordinates and camera position has laid the groundwork for another title entirely.

There is little information at this time, but Fujiki is indeed masterminding a new title using his OLE Coordinate System. Our guess is that the new title will be just as insane and gratifying as Echochrome is. Hopefully, with this new title, we’ll be able to utilize a UMD disk for our PSPs instead of messing with downloads. There’s something in my head that still cries for physical manifestations of my favorite games.

Did you guys enjoy Echochrome? If you did, do you think the magic can be rekindled? If you thought it blew, what would you desire the developers to do different?

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