No duh: The Crossing coming to Xbox 360

It seems Arkane studios are looking to bring their Source engine-powered first person shooter, The Crossing, to the Xbox 360.

The folks over at French gaming site, Factor News, spotted a job opening today for programmers to help bring the project over to Microsoft’s console. Our very own Internet scouring robots found a similar job listing at Arkane’s official site; this particular listing doesn’t mention the project by name, but the description certainly fits the bill.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise — it’s well known that the Source engine and the Xbox 360 play nicely with one another, so it’s likely that most of the high-profile Source engine projects (The Crossing, Left 4 Dead, etc.) will eventually make their way into your living room.

Don’t know anything about The Crossing? Well, you should — if everything goes according to Arkane’s plan, it could possibly revolutionize multiplayer gameplay as we know it. Hit the jump for a video (via 1up) that might give you some insight into just what The Crossing is all about.

Nick Chester