No DLC for DMC: Devil May Cry 4 spurns downloadable content

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This may be good or bad news depending on your philosophy, but Capcom has made a stand against downloadable content by assuring the world that Devil May Cry 4 will have everything on the disc.

Hiroyuki Kobayashi stated that Devil May Cry 4 is vast and comprehensive enough to not need any additions, either on the Xbox 360 or PS3. Capcom is confident that the content on the disc will keep any Dante fan satisfied. It’s certainly nice to know that Capcom has no intention of using digital distribution as an excuse to milk a game dry. It has endless remakes of Resident Evil for that.

“With DMC4, we feel that we have created a game that has a huge amount of content right out of the box without the need to download extra content,” Kobayashi stated, to the delight of penny pinchers everywhere. 

The promise of a game brimming with content is certainly enough to keep me happy, but I don’t have an issue with DLC myself, provided it’s purely additional content and not intended to make up for a game that should have had that content to begin with. Downloadable content should always be for expansions or game extras created after the fact. It’s sometimes worrying how developers plan their DLC before a game’s even gone gold. Capcom’s shown some ethics on this one, and for that it deserves a pat on the back (and possibly a tasty biscuit).

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