No committing to Zelda in 2010 for Nintendo

Despite the fact that Miyamoto himself has said that Nintendo is shooting for a 2010 release of the new Zelda teased at E3 behind closed doors, we find it very hard to believe that it will actually come out then. Zelda games are notorious for their epic development time and constant delays and we’re already getting one on the DS this year. On top of this Nintendo is really trying to not set a release year that this game will come out. That’s not a release date, or a release month, but an a release year.

In a recent interview with GameTrailers TV Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime sounded a bit shocked that they’d even suggest a 2010 release for the game and then went on to confirm absolutely nothing by saying, “We haven’t committed to Zelda in 2010.” Bummer.

Despite my disappointment with this fact I can understand it. Hopefully Nintendo will play it smart and not announce a release date until the game is absolutely and completely done because there is nothing more depressing than marking your calendar for a new game and then having that date pushed back again and again.

Matthew Razak