No Castle Crasher until 2008; Now we play the waiting game

[Update: Straight from Behemoth:

“There seems to be a misunderstanding on one of the items written in that article. The quote from Joystiq that was taken from Dan Paladin was misinterpreted and we are not waiting to release the game due to the size limit increase. In fact we still have to get permission from Microsoft in order to qualify for the 150 limit. In short I just wanted to make sure there was some clarity on the topic. Although we may be releasing in 2008, we are working hard to finish the game as soon as possible.”]

If you happen to be one of the many gamers eagerly awaiting the release of the Xbox Live Arcade title, Castle Crashers, then get ready for a bittersweet reality check.

The Behemoth’s Dan Paladin recently made it clear that Castle Crashers will not be out until 2008 due to Microsoft changing the XBLA size restriction. Because developers can give us more bang for our buck, The Behemoth wants to make their gem of a game even better by adding new and mysterious features.

Great, now I’m even more excited for Castle Crashers to come out. If only we could cryogenically freeze ourselves until 2008 …

Jordan Devore
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