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Nioh kunoichi disregards reality but who cares


Because of younoichi

I remember forgetting the word for female ninja, "kunoichi," when talking with a Japanese friend once. No matter how much I explained the concept and how much of a basic word it was, she couldn't think of it. When I finally remembered she laughed and called me a nerd because its actually a modern word that isn't really used outside games and anime. Whatever, its still cool to me and Koei Tecmo apparently.

One such female ninja named Okatsu will appear in Nioh. Like all real female ninjas in the 17th century, she speaks English, wears makeup, does her hair up nice, shows her face, wears revealing bright blue clothes, and is referred to by the modern term "kunoichi." The cool part is she is voiced not by an English speaking westerner, but by Japanese voice actress Emi Takei which gives an authentic feel to an otherwise ridiculous concept. 

Is it possible our weeaboo William has found a waifu?

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