Nintendo’s stock drops 10% after 3DS dating

You want to have something new out there at Christmas. It’s just what you do. And while Nintendo will have new games out this holiday, there won’t be any new systems. The Wii is a bit long in the tooth, and now that we know the 3DS is right around the corner, I don’t see many people picking up a DSi XL.

Nintendo’s stock dropped 9.54 percent after the announcement that the 3DS would be released in February in Japan and March in the US. The stocks are now worth 20,860 yen, or about as much as the 3DS is likely going to cost in the US (about $250), says Gamasutra.

Beyond that, the company has also cut its fiscal year profits from May’s 200 billion yen to 90 billion yen. They cut their DS forecasted sales by 22 percent and their Wii sales by 3 percent.

It’s not all bad, but money isn’t being printed right now. That’ll come next year.

Dale North