Nintendo’s Iwata promises a ‘reasonable’ Wii U price

In an interview with Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun asked about Wii U’s pricing, which would be a nice thing to know, especially when you consider that the system will be released in about six months. Iwata says that they’re aiming to release their latest console at a “reasonable” price, whatever that means.

The 3DS pricing at launch? Not so reasonable. Iwata agrees, and aims to do better with the Wii U: “We won’t make the same mistake that we did with the 3DS, which was considered relatively high by consumers.”

But what is “reasonable”? $250? $300? Yomuri quotes an analyst that said that 30,000 yen would be the break-even price for Nintendo. With the current exchange rate, that’s about $378, though conversions from Yen to Dollar rarely work out to be the actual pricing.

Nintendo, just tell us the damned price!

Whatever the price, Nintendo has to make the Wii U move. They had a rough year last year, and they need to turn it around this holiday. Iwata said “we’ve fixed the 3DS profitability issue, and pledge to turn profitable by the end of this fiscal year.” I think they know that Wii U’s pricing will be key.

Iwata Promises Low Priced Wii U and Profitability This Year [Andriasang]

Dale North