Nintendo will give us more information for the Switch’s online component in September

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There’s still so much we don’t know about the Switch’s online functionality: dubbed “Switch online.” It’s fairly priced, it will have some sort of Virtual Console successor that may or may not involve drip-fed NES games only, and…you need to pay for it to play online now.

I’m already onboard given the pricing, and understanding the cold hard reality that in the long run, Nintendo needs to implement a paid service in the same way Sony did with PlayStation Plus to keep their ecosystem afloat long term after the hardware sales saturate. But what bothers me at the moment is the low key announcement and vague “slate of games” promise from Nintendo — why not go big and announce even more retro console support and an entire library worth of games?

We all have questions, and some of them will be answered in September according to Nintendo representative director and president Tatsumi Kimishima. Speaking at the 78th annual general meeting of shareholders, Kimishima explained: “We should be able to give you a little more information as we get closer to the official launch in September. Our aim is to provide consumers with variety of ways to play and the ability to use the system in a more convenient way. I will have to ask for your patience until we are ready to discuss any further details.”

Nintendo has the chance to blow Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus out of the water, beating both services on price and functionality. For now, we’re running on pure contentment.

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