Nintendo transformation ad; better than Jesus and Batman combined

The above ad is not officially endorsed by Nintendo. When asked for comment, Nintendo was too busy trying to sneak suspiciously friendly Japanese men into the homes of children and old people to tell us whether or not they’d approve of a metamorphic journey through our collective childhoods.

The ad is, however, one of the more awesome promotions I’ve seen for the Wii. Nintendo should be embracing the whole “The Wii is just like when you were a kid, only way more awesome and with boobs!” thing, but instead they fill the airwaves with ad after ad of gameplay footage and smiling laughing families! Nintendo, when are you going to realize that we want to see CGI films of consoles contorting and morphing into other consoles (and maybe some explosions, and two chicks making out), and not all this crap about how fun, innovative, or worthwhile your damn games are?

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