Nintendo trademarks ‘DSSCAN’… could this use the DSi camera?

I have to admit the whole DSi camera thing doesn’t sound that appealing, at least not at first. I do carry my DS a lot, but I’d rather take my camera along in another pocket than take a poopy photo with something comparable to cell phone camera quality. The only game we knew the DSi would be camera-compatible with was downloadable versions of Brain Age, so what else would it be used for?

Thanks to the internet matlocking skills of Spencer over at Siliconera, there may just be another possibility to chew on — that the camera will be used to scan trading cards. The picture above is from Japan’s trademark database, showing Nintendo has trademarked “DSSCAN”. From the source article:

DSScan was registered on August 19 not as the name of a game, but under the broad category of game equipment. Lots of things fall under this category including trading cards and board game equipment. Paper Pokemon cards are also grouped into this category.

So .. kind of like what the e-Reader did, but as a part of the internal hardware? It could open up some cool possibilities. I’m still not feeling too positive about the idea of not being able to play new DSi import software, but this could definitely be neat, especially if it was used for more than just Pokemon cards.

[Thanks, Adam]

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