Nintendo, Sega and Ubisoft join the pro-PEGI war machine

The battle for control over Britain’s game ratings rages on as Ubisoft, Sega and Nintendo have shown their support for the European PEGI system over the BBFC. They join EA and Microsoft, who have already made claims that the BBFC would cause higher pricers and longer delays.

ELSPA head Paul Jackson stated in Whitehall that “PEGI is the solution for today, and the solution for tomorrow.” Bold words indeed, and words that big hitters in the games industry seem to believe in. SEGA Europe CEO Mike Hayes added the following vote of confidence:

If you look at the PEGI system against the film ratings board in the UK, you will see that PEGI is the only system that has the power to prevent games publishers distributing unsuitable content to children. It can ban a publisher’s entire output, rather than just a single title. This power is backed by the entire industry.

Nothing but belief in PEGI from the industry, it appears. Before you decide who is right for Britain though, I suggest you read our “cutting through the bullsh*t” article which revealed certain facts about PEGI that the games industry isn’t keen to talk about. Regardless of industry support, I’m not sure if the government can be persuaded to have Britain adopt PEGI in favor of the BBFC, which still seems like the hot favorite. I think we’re buggered either way, to be perfectly honest.

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