Nintendo Power magazines used to create art

I used to make collages back in high school. I liked reading tortured french poets, so I decided to do a montage to one using pages from the bible as my medium. I wish I still had it so I could look back and laugh at my teenage melancholy. I would have been emo then, except it didn’t exist yet (thankfully.)

This gentleman’s collages are way cooler that the fruits of tortured youth — by using pages from Nintendo Power, he creates game-themed collages that would dress up your gaming room quite nicely. He’ll do custom work, so if you want a 30″ X 20″ of Dodongo choking on a bomb, he can do it. That size will set you back about $250.

Should you want to get your collage on (vicariously, anyway,) check out Chris Lange’s store at Etsy

[Via Geekologie]

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