Nintendo patents a new Wii controller

This new Wii controller patent was filed on June 26th. This was uncovered by the good people at Spong, who were actually looking for more details on the rumored Xbox 360 motion-sensing controller. Hey Sony, do you want to make another controller as well? Oh wait, you already have a motion-sensing one.

Hell, if you stand back and squint your eyes a bit, this new Nintendo controller could be an Xbox 360 motion-sensing controller. Well, except for the Gamecube-looking controls. And what’s that thing in the middle? I tried reading the patent text. You try:

An X button 46 and a Y button are further arranged in line on the upper surface of the housing. An imaging information arithmetic unit is provided at a front end of the housing in a longitudinal direction in such a manner that an imaging device thereof is exposed from a front-end surface.

What do you make of that? I still don’t know what the hell I’m looking at!

Check out the patent text for some interesting reading. There’s also a mention of a gun-style controller within the text. 

What do you make of this? Do you think it’s something that will just sit in a file forever? Or will Nintendo actually do something with this?

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