Nintendo: Our third party games sell best

Nintendo is often seen as the champion of first parties, but is criticized for not doing enough to support third party developers. Nintendo, however, has responded to criticism that third parties don’t do well on the Wii by … well … by saying that’s wrong, basically.

“There is an assumption out there that just simply isn’t true… We’re setting the record straight. This is fact,” stated  Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Denise Kaigler, while pointing at a colorful chart. “We are selling third-party games and they are doing very well, and better than our competitors.”

It is assumed that Wii software does not sell as well as Xbox 360 or PS3 games, but if Nintendo’s chart is to be believed, the Wii dominates in software sales just as much as hardware sales. This kind of triumph can only be attributed to sales of the critically acclaimed Bug Island.

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