Nintendo ‘never neglected’ its core fanbase

Despite beliefs by some old school Nintendo fans that the Big N has abandoned them, the company is adamant that it has never forgotten the “core” gamers, and never will. Nintendo has promised that some of its more popular franchises are currently in development, but that it could be some time before we see any of them.

“We have never neglected our core gamers,” stated a Nintendo rep. “We still have developers working on popular core gaming franchises, but we need approximately two to three years to complete these games.”

So far, apart from the already mentioned Pikmin 3, we don’t know what these “core” titles will be. A safe bet would be a Zelda of some kind, and of course the rumors of some sort of Kid Icarus revival continue unabated. Whatever they are, these games are not expected to arrive until at least late 2009, so the hardcore set have quite a wait.

Care for some magazines to flick through in the meantime?

James Stephanie Sterling