Nintendo Japan’s Virtual Console page hints at more consoles

If you’re anything like us, you sometimes pop over to Nintendo Japan’s Web page to see what you’re missing. Those that have lately will tell you that the newly remodeled Virtual Console page is a slick, Flash-based affair. A click on any of the 6 buttons takes you to a list of VC games from that system. It’s pretty nice, and it makes the US VC site look… blah.

Those with sharp eyes will notice two placeholders which may point to two more consoles to be supported by the Japanese VC in the future.

We’re sure that one of them is the MSX, but what will the other be? Japan has a massive console history to draw on, so it could be anything. Could it be the Dreamcast? Should we get creative and say something like the WonderSwan? I’d die if it was the Sega Saturn. I’d laugh if it was the Apple Pippin. 

What do you think the last one might be?

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