Nintendo employee describes his first day at work without describing it

One thing is for certain in the videogame industry – everything is secret until otherwise noted. Developers will typically spend years on original IPs before announcing them, and often when they are announced early, the details are scant at best. That’s why when MTV Multiplayer asked a newbie Nintendo employee JC Rodrigo how his first day was, he couldn’t really answer.

From the interview:

Umm, I’ll say it was exciting but I can’t tell you what it was. Because I looked around and basically, I said to my boss, ‘Really? Are you serious?!’ and he said ‘Yeah, I’m not kidding.’ So, I’m like ‘oooookay!’ [laughs] So I started doing…something. Something exciting and something unexpected — something completely unexpected.

Before I figured out that writing about videogames was a sweeter deal than developing them, I wanted to work at a big developer like Nintendo. Rodrigo’s comment frames what it’s like to have an inside track into the business. Seems like a lonely place, doesn’t it?

Regardless, I really hope Rodrigo saw a Wii version of Mother 3. The gods know too well how excited I would be at the very prospect of Nintendo doing the honorable thing and giving it an excellent port. What do you think he saw?

Brad BradNicholson