Nintendo completes phase one of world takeover plot

Nintendo stated that their plan with the name “Wii” was an effort to make a console that could appeal to everyone universally. While I wasn’t so crazy about the name itself (or the related appearance of every pecker joke known to man), I liked the idea Ninty put forward. As a gamer who fell in love at age 9 with the NES, I respect a console maker who still has the balls to appeal to children and adults alike rather than just going for the next gen glory.

It’s no surprise that I was pleased to see this article about the success of the Wii in a retirement home in Lincolnshire. I know you’re saying to yourself, why do I give a rat’s ass about old people playing Wii bowling? I care about because it always rocks to see people having fun with games, but also because I know that Nintendo has accomplished an admirable goal.

It’ll never be the next gen owner’s cup of tea, but I know with systems like Wii out there, more kids will grow up and become gamers. Since my fantasy universe is a place in which I can speak gamer to everyone, Nintendo is inadvertently helping to fulfill my daydreams. Best of all, next time I see my grandmother I can talk her into Wii bowling, and she might actually like it. Sure beats the sh*t out of talking about her arthiritis.

Thanks to Piko for the tip!

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