‘Nintendo’ causes ‘panic attack’ in child, ‘parent’ hates videogames now

Who’s up for some delicious stupidity? A mother is taking her son’s “Nintendo” back to the store after he had some kind of nervous reaction to it, and now she’s decided that videogames are rubbish. Thanks to some diligent and thorough mainstream reporting, we also have no idea as to what system this “Nintendo” is, because, y’know, Nintendo is a publishing company and not a console.

The report claims that 5-year-old Michael had a “panic attack” after playing on “his Nintendo” for half an hour.

“He then began to complain and cry, saying he was experiencing pain in his hand and that he wasn’t feeling well,” claims his mother, Isabelle Clingerman. “He began to scream and what he was experiencing was a type of motion sickness due to the game.”

Of course, it’s entirely the game’s fault, right? We all know that videogames are a bad idea for epileptics and what-have-you, but rather than be sensible about this and focus on the boy’s problem, Ms. Clingerman is placing the blame squarely on Nintendo, planning to take the unspecified machine back to the store and claiming that no child should be playing videogames, because now she’s decided to suddenly hate them all.

“I can’t recommend this game to any parent,” she says. “It’s not a substitute for reading a book or doing an outdoor activity with your child.” 

I love how she was fine with using it as a substitute for those things before her son got sick. What is it about parenthood that turns most people into such stupid, unaware hypocrites? I mean, more than usual. 

[Via Negative Gamer]

Jim Sterling