Nintendo brains say that WiiMusic could be an educational tool

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and developer Shigeru Miyamoto sat down to have a talk with each other for Nintendo’s official WiiMusic page to discuss the joys of playing WiiMusic. One of the topics covered was that of education. Both the men said there was some inherent educational value in the game, which probably has something to do with the fact that WiiMusic doesn’t require any skill, rhythm, or taste to pick up.

From the interview:

Iwata: Well, there, with Wii Music, there’s a strong possibility of raising people’s basic level of music education.

Miyamoto: Yes. Thus, from now, I’ve even thought it would it would be great if kindergartens or elementary schools got Wii Music and began kid’s music education with that…

Honestly, if I could teleport back to elementary school and have my recorder and “Hot Cross Buns” sheet music revoked for WiiMusic, I probably would have never picked up another instrument in my life. How does a game where one aimlessly hits buttons and sways around to canned music teach music? Miyamoto and Iwata forgot to address that apparently.

At least there’s still hope that Nintendo could make the collegiate life easier. I suggest WiiHesiod, where players can act out the Archaic period lifestyle and obligations. WiiPurgatory would suffice as it could easily give inference on the usages of indulgences pre-European Reformations. Make that happen, Nintendo.

[via GoNintendo]

Brad BradNicholson