Ninja Gaiden II patch makes game more playable, Itagaki still gone

Team Ninja has released a long-awaited patch for Ninja Gaiden II that will eliminate those pesky freezing errors in chapters 10, 12, and 14. Actiontrip reports that the patch also provides a more streamlined gameplay experience and quicker load times between cutscenes.

The patch also fixed an issue with Tecmo. It has been revealed that a special shrine to Itagaki has been added to Ninja Gaiden II to mirror the corporeal shrine erected at Team Ninja’s studio. The shrine should be used four times a day, with each prayer and sacrifice serving to bring a piece of Itagaki back to the physical realm and to the presumably ill-fated studio.

Although Ninja Gaiden II is now better constructed, it isn’t known when Team Ninja will be able to put together their summoned Itagaki. Based on my first-hand knowledge of the circumstance, I estimate a few weeks before the Itagaki is fully realized and back in charge of the machinations of Team Ninja.

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