Ninja Blade producer talks about Ninja. Also, blades

Yesterday, we saw a very brief teaser trailer announcing a brand new game, Ninja Blade. While everyone is expecting a Ninja Gaiden clone, game producer Masanori Takeuchi has promised that this game will stand on its own two feet as a “seamless” twelve-hour experience. 

“Unlike most games that bounce between slow-moving cut scenes and twitchy gameplay, Ninja Blade offers a seamless action-movie experience that keeps you in control,” explained Takeuchi when comparing it to Team Ninja’s brainchild. He also explained that the game’s hero, Ken, will gain special powers as the game progresses, the chief one being Ninja Vision: “Ninja Vision is a powerful technique that reveals hidden information, like enemy weak spots or navigation clues. Of course, such great power comes with a price. You’ll need to be careful to calculate when and how to use it best.”

During the course of the twelve-hour solo campaign, fallen enemies will drop crystals which you can use to upgrade your character. A pre-release demo is also being heavily considered for the Xbox 360 exclusive. 

So far, so unoriginal, but innovation can go f*ck itself so long as the game is good. Despite what the producer says, it really sounds like another Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry, which really isn’t a bad thing for an action game addict like myself. Hopefully we get to see some real gameplay footage soon because this has just hit my watch list.

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