Ninety-Nine Nights developer making Xbox 360 MMO

Blueside, the studio famous for its involvement with Nine-Nine Nights and the Kingdom Under Fire series, is working on an MMO for the Xbox 360. That’s according to a job listing from the Korean studio, in any case. 

The game in question is Project T, which was previously announced for PC. The job listing reveals that the MMO is also coming to the Xbox 360. So far, we don’t know much about the game, other than the fact that it is a wholly unique IP, and will be a sci-fi action RPG. Blueside is also working Kingdom Under Fire II and Princess and Knight, although very little has been said for those titles. 

MMOs on consoles seem inevitable, but red tape and greedy platform holders seem to be holding them back. Perhaps this is a clue that the Xbox 360 is opening up to the genre a little bit more. Either that, or Microsoft is willing to do anything to corner a Japanese market that doesn’t care.

Ninety-Nine Nights Developer Working On Xbox 360 MMO [Siliconera]

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