Nine Inch Nails: The Game would have been awesome

Digg recently invited Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor to participate in their Dialogg feature so readers could ask questions and get to know more about the man himself. One of the questions that made it to the top of the pile was “What are your favorite videogames?”, giving Reznor an opportunity to speak a bit about the game that got away — one that he and art director Rob Sheridan planned years ago.

Reznor criticizes the lack of creativity in games, saying that WiiWare and Xbox Live yields some of the coolest and most creative games out there. He also says that when he pitched his game idea to some publishers that the response was “disheartening” — to sum up, the response was “Well, it costs so much to make a game, we’re really only interested in sequels or movie tie-ins.” Not a surprise, is it? You can check out the full video of this part of the interview after the jump, by the way.

Reznor also names titles like Tempest and Robotron as long time favorites. I’m not surprised — the first time I saw the man’s full arcade cabinet collection in his home/studio, I knew only a deep love for games could fuel such a wonderful gathering of memorabilia. And if you’re wondering how it is I got to check this stuff out with my own two hands, well, that’s a story I’ll only tell in person…

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