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Nightmare fuel: You can follow Rabbid Peach on Instagram

2017-06-18 20:36:00  ยท  Papa Niero


Ubisoft is going all out on the grotesque Princess Peach x Rabbid mash-up and has unleashed a new series of nightmarish renders of the upcoming heroine. I couldn't quite place where I'd seen RabbidPeach's face before until I realized that she looks exactly like one of the oldest internet memes. The Instagram account looks like it was repurposed from an older Rabbid general account, so you'll find photos of Leonardo DiCaprio and other nonsense within. At the time of writing she's amassed 6000 followers. You should follow @rabbidpeach because even the most busted deserve to be loved, just like everybody else does. Morrissey said so.

If you haven't been following the game, we highly suggest you look into it. Destructoid awarded Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle as one of our favorite games of E3 - check out our full preview.

Here's a sample page from her Necronomicron. Make sure you read the comments!


Via Twinfinite 

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