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NightCry's Scissorwalker will be coming for you this Spring


Send transmission from the one armed scissor (cut away, cut away)

Nude Maker's NightCry (which you may remember as Project Scissors) has a dream team behind it that should excite fans of Japanese horror. Hifumi Kono, creator of the first two Clock Tower games, is directing. Masahiro Ito (Silent Hill's art and monster master) is making the spooky creepies that'll be pursuing players. Takashi Shimizu of Ju-on directing fame made a live-action trailer for the game. Add the little cherry of Michiru Yamane and Nobuko Toda composing on top, and you have a deathly dessert ahead of you. 

If that sounds delectable to you, this Kickstarter update saying that NightCry will be releasing on PC this Spring could be considered Sprinkles of Knowledge, and this dessert thing has gone too far. I'm hoping this ends up good, but the footage I've seen so far hasn't done much for me. Kyle thinks it looks terrifying, though! I'll cross my (scissors) fingers.

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