Nifty UMD-shaped PSP device stores four memory sticks

Face it: there are plenty of gamers out there that will never find themselves sticking a UMD into their PlayStation Portable. It doesn’t matter if they’re A/V fiends, legal beagle downloaders or homebrewers; if there’s no UMD in the PSP slot, it’s basically wasted space.

Why be wasteful? Team Xecuter isn’t. That’s why they’re announcing their newest creation: the UMEMD for the PSP. This UMD-shaped device that can store up to 4 memory sticks. With the memory in place, this device can then be slotted in the PSP just like a normal UMD disc. This simple solution lets you game without worrying where you put your data.

Maxconsole says that the UMEMD begins shipping in about two weeks, and prices will be announced shortly.

Too bad they couldn’t work in a thin ribbon cable that would come out the PSP slot and go into the memory stick port. That way, all the cards could be accessed without opening and switching. 

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