NextLust: Looking for a few more good men or women

NextLust, Destructoid’s sister with a tech eating disorder, is looking for more writers. And just what are we looking for? Well, here’s what I want:Be funny:

Not only must you be able to write (which is also a big deal), but have a sense of humor about it.

Be knowledgeable about tech: You gotta know your stuff.
Be experienced: If you’ve been writing for sometime with no recognition in sight, then get on the ground floor of a growing tech blog.

Be of age: Over 21 is ideal, but if you’re an 18-year-old phenom, then we’d want you.

So, if you want to be famous and work for the best boss eva (me), then apply by sending an e-mail my way at [email protected]

*Warning: This is not a paid position … for now. But, if the site grows, then you grow and get paid. At the very least, you’ll get lots of groupies* 

Robert Summa