Next Killzone 2 DLC will be the ‘best looking thing’ ever

Disappointed with the Steel & Titanium Map Pack released for Killzone 2 last month? Don’t worry, because according to Guerrilla Games’ Seb Downie, the next batch of content is in the works and it’s the best looking thing to ever come out of the European studio.

Guerrilla has recently been scouting for testers, and naturally an intrepid reporter grabbed Downie and asked him what they were needed for. The studio boss’ reply was simple: “It’s DLC for Killzone 2, and all I can tell you is that it’s best looking thing we have ever made.”

Considering how good the last DLC maps looked, I am quite intrigued and can’t wait to see what they’ve got cooking next. I only hope it’ll be more than just two maps this time. Let’s hear about some of those extra campaigns and stuff that were rumored to be in consideration.

Jim Sterling