New Zeno Clash XBLA mode and weapon announced

Smashing creatures into pulp isn’t a new concept for Zeno Clash, but “Zeno Rush” mode certainly is. This afternoon Atlus USA announced that a new mode, dubbed “Zeno Rush,” is hitting within its Xbox LIVE Arcade release of first-person brawler.

The mode, which is confined to solo play, is a time-attack-ish construct that pits users against creatures from the campaign. The goal is to kill the creatures in the quickest time possible and presumably make the best use of the game’s “Timehammer” weapon, which is a cute little bludgeoner that cuts seconds off the clock.

All the “Zeno Rush” times will be recorded for Leaderboard purposes, so we suggest queuing up nasty messages to buddies beforehand. It takes awhile to type with a controller, you know. (Unless you got a chat pad, you lucky devil, you.)

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