New Zack & Wiki screens

There’s an awful lot of buzz over Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure, buzz that I had previously ignored because I was busy fighting off tiny, terrifying face-orb monsters or something to bother noticing. Then IGN’s Matt Casamassina recently kickstarted a campaign to motivate readers to.. y’know, buy it. Being that it wasn’t your typical news post, I took notice and — hey, look at that, it’s pretty. And it’s a Wii remote-based puzzle adventure game? Count me among the corrected, then; Zack and Wiki, despite its crummy name, looks to be one of the more interesting titles bound for your Wii this Fall.

Capcom’s uploaded some new screenshots of the game, which I have in turn uploaded to Destructoid, which you may download to your face. Hit that gallery to check ’em out.

Aaron Linde