New Xbox 360 Wi-Fi adapter is coming

Zune HD video to Xbox 360 streaming is going to cost you. According to Gizmodo, the forthcoming update that allows 1080p video to be streamed from the Zune network to the Xbox 360 will require an 802.11n network — a network that the current wireless network adapter can’t connect to. Microsoft planned for this and has developed a brand new wireless adapter to get around the network issue.

The FCC is currently playing with with bunny-eared adapter, testing it to see if it has the ability to melt our brains, turn us into zombies, or whatever else the FCC does with upcoming tech stuff.

There is a small workaround here. If you don’t want to stream Zune HD stuff wirelessly, you can simply connect your Xbox 360 directly to a router. That kills the need for the adapter, which will probably cost at least as much as the current one.

No word on when this thing will hit, but we’re guessing we’ll know soon.

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