New Wolfenstein: ‘supernatural powers’ and alternate dimensions

A couple of days ago we ran an article that dealt with the possibility that the new Wolfenstein game would be exposed in the August issue of PC Gamer. Instead, it appears that the upcoming issue of Game Informer will have the real scoop on Wolfenstein for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Among the information scourged is the startling revelation that series’ protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz will possess “supernatural powers.”

Tiscali were the guys that got their hands on the latest issue and detailed some of the information that the article contains:

  • Set in World War II among Nazis experimenting with occult powers once again.
  • B.J. Blazkowicz making comeback, this time also having supernatural powers of his own.
  • Set in one large city, which will open itself up as you progress through given missions and quests.
  • Randomly generated content blocking your path at times.
  • AI controlled local resistance, assisting you in fight at times.
  • An alternative reality called ‘The Shroud’, some sort of a parallel dimension fueling Nazi powers.
  • Will be released ‘when it’s done’

Blazkowicz is going to have supernatural powers? I am nearly in tears from my excitement. One of the more interesting things talked about at GDC a billion years ago was that Wolfenstein was going to take place in a perpetual environment. It looks like id and Raven stayed on task with that. I wonder how this Grand Theft Auto take on Wolfenstein will factor into the Nazi-stomping action that the majority of us love? Furthermore, I hope B.J. can shoot PSI lasers out of his eyes. Please, id?

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