New trailer, screens and art for Jumpgate Evolution

This past Thursday, I got a quick hands-on with Codemasters’ Jumpgate Evolution for the PC, a MMOG set in space. My hands-on time consisted of my low level ship shooting down six enemy ships and, well, that’s it. I don’t play MMOGs so I had no idea what I was doing. 

Jumpgate is something I would really want to get into though, since it’s in a Sci-Fi setting. Plus, that whole EVE incident really perked my interest to this type of online game. 

There’s a beta that you can sign up for, and I believe I have a card somewhere around my desk giving me access to the beta too. If any of you start something up, please make a thread in the Forums so we can start a Destructoid Jumpgate group. 

Otherwise, take a look at the trailer and the gallery below for screens and artwork from Jumpgate Evolution. There’s also a product description after the jump describing some of the game’s features. 

Jumpgate Evolution will be out this June and will probably be able to work on your old sh*tty computer rig too. Maybe. 


Jumpgate Evolution is a definitive action-based Massively Multiplayer Online game set in a glorious, yet fierce new universe where the sheer vastness of space is your ultimate playground.

Jumpgate Evolution brings together popular elements from all time classics such as Elite, X-wing Vs Tie-fighter and Privateer and combines them in a living, breathing persistent world. Gone are the days of point and click combat, Jumpgate Evolution puts the action at your fingertips with fully responsive reflex based controls like never seen in any previous massively multiplayer online game (MMOG).

Choosing from one of three Nations, each with sub-factions fighting for influence, players engross themselves in a visually striking universe where only the strongest survive the game’s expansive battles for military and trading supremacy.

The result is a slick space combat game that is deep and rewarding for experienced MMO players yet accessible for new players. With a galaxy of conflict and riches to dominate, Jumpgate Evolution is a simply exhilarating space combat on a vast scale.


Immense Online Battles – Enter a dynamic universe and fight alongside or against thousands of players in immense online battles.

Elite Space Combat – Adrenaline-fuelled, action space combat set within an immense persistent universe.

Player Advancement – Answer your calling as you advance your online career through endless content, ships and weaponry.

Massive Space Conflict – Use cunning military tactics as you and your squadron destroy enormous space stations and devastating capital ships.

Highly Accessible – Incredibly scaleable game engine allows Jumpgate to be fully playable, even on older PCs.

Hamza Aziz