New studio appears in a puff of smoke

Word has reached us from that another new guest has arrived at the gloriously debauched party we like to call gaming.

Made up of former employees of Relic Entertainment, the creator of Company Of Heroes, Smoking Gun Interactive is a new development house headed by master of alliteration Jon Johnson, along with Angie Radwan-Pytlewski and Drew Dunlop. Said honchos are joined by other stalwarts of the aforementioned RTS, namely writer Duane Pye and audio director Crispin Hands. 

Like other recent newcomer Gamecock, Smoking Gun’s manifesto is a rather heartening one to the cynical old gamer, promising a focussed, progressive approach to the medium we all hold so dear. Says Johnson: 

“The team at Smoking Gun has worked passionately together for over seven years, building teams that have created the most critically acclaimed games in their genre.”

“As the industry evolves so do the ways that people interact with videogames. With our collective input Smoking Gun will be at the forefront of producing innovative best-selling titles, that really push the envelop further than we’ve gone before.”

All sounds very promising, and while any new studio is bound to garnish its arrival with hearty slaps on the back, it’s great that this current gaming climate seems to be encouraging that sort of ideology. 

No projects have been detailed yet, though Johnson has been linked to recent teaser site Check it out and let the wild theorizing begin. 


David Houghton