New Split/Second content, paid and free, hits this week

Disney Interactive and Black Rock Studios have announced today that they are releasing two downloadable content packs for Split/Second this week.

The first, “The Elite Vehicle Livery” pack, gives you new looks for the Elite vehicles Brawn, Vixen, and Raptor. Yeah, just new colors and looks to make the cars stand out. Not particularly exciting, but the good news is that it’s totally free.

The second pack, which should be available tomorrow, is the “High Octane Supercar Pack,” and adds three new cars and a new look for the Ryback Cyclone. Disney says these are some of the fastest cars available in the game, and I guess that’s why it’s going to cost you $2, or 160 MS Points if you’re buying it for your Xbox 360.

Split/Second is great, but I have to admit that this content leaves much to be desired. We want new tracks, right? Well, according to Disney, that stuff is coming. There’s apparently more content being announced in the coming months including new cars and an entirely new track. Yay.

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