New Sonic Unleashed trailer is AMAZING!!!

I, like probably most of you out there, gave up hope on the Sonic the Hedgehog series long ago. Let’s face it: the series went down the shitter once the Dreamcast died. Plus, that teaser trailer from April didn’t help matters for Sonic Unleashed, either.

After watching this above trailer, though, I feel like I’m going to cry. I’m sorry, I just thought I’d never see the day when a good Sonic game is made again.

This trailer shows off everything a good Sonic game should have: fast-paced levels, gorgeous environments, and music that sounds like what Sonic music should sound like (none of this “I want to fly high” crap … admittedly, I like that song, but it’s just not appropriate for a Sonic game). I can’t believe all of this is in-game footage, too (notice all the context-sensitive buttons thrown around). 

If this is what the game is really turning out to be, then you better believe I’m excited for Sonic Unleashed now. How about you?

[Via Rorschach’s C Blog]

Hamza Aziz