New Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles screenshots

Even though Aaron’s impressions of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles from this year’s E3 demo were less favorable than I had hoped, I think there’s still time for Capcom to pull this light gun shooter together. Dengeki Online has some new screenshots, and while looks aren’t everything, these shots manage to make RE:UC look like a lot of fun.

Some of the screenshots feature characters Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira, both of which you may remember from previous games in the series like Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Nemesis. They both look playable, which fits with the co-op play news that we recently reported. It also looks like things are still crazy in Raccoon City, and that the cops are still douchebags. It’s good to see that things haven’t changed.

Railed gameplay or not, Resident Evil fans must be itching to pump lead into zombies. Look at them – they’re just asking for it. Me? I just want another Wii game. 

[Via Dengeki Online]


Dale North