New releases for the week of 06/18/07

OK, so this week is a little less than stellar. But look at it this way, next week is going to be so awesome! The Darkness, Transformers, Pokemon Battle Revolution and Final Fantasy Anniversary edition all (should) land next week.

As far as this week goes though, like I said, it’s less than stellar. Resident Evil 4 is a must have for anyone who missed it the first two times around. Aside from that, DiRT looks pretty.

What’s looking sw33t to you this week?

WVC: NES Open Tournament Golf, World Sports Competition, BLoody Wolf
XBLA: Band of Bugs
Wii: Resident Evil 4
X360: DiRT
PC: DiRT, Transformers: The Game*
DS: Brothers in Arms, SimCity, Transformers: Autobots*, Transformers: Decepticons*
PSP: Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground, Hot Brain

(*Couldn’t find any videos for the Transformers games that are out this week but here’s a link to the official site with a trailer for the PS3/360 game at least).

DiRT (360, PC)

Brothers in Arms



Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground


SimCity (DS) 

Hot Brain (PSP)

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