New Ready 2 Rumble confirmed

Please, someone wake me up from this nightmare.

It seems a third installment in the “arcade style satirical boxing” series, Ready 2 Rumble, will be released on various, unnamed, video game platforms. No, I’m not kidding. I mean, these games were sort of fun, but do we really need another one?

To make matters worse, the game is being developed by the Japanese developers at AKI Corporation. You know, the guys who made the excruciatingly awesome Nintendo 64 wrestling titles. Shouldn’t these guys be making more wrestling games? What is the hold up here? It’s almost universally accepted that the N64 series of AKI wrestling games were some of the best games in the genre to date. So why on Earth is someone paying AKI to make a Ready 2 Rumble sequel?

I’m too worked up and disgusted to write this post. Just hit the jump to read the press release.

Darmstadt (Germany) / Singapore, 2nd March 2007 – With the third iteration of the arcade style satirical boxing game ‘Ready 2 Rumble’ 10TACLE STUDIOS AG supplements their product portfolio with yet another popular international brand.

With sales of almost three million copies worldwide the two predecessors are among the most successful games in the boxing genre. Singapore subsidiary 10TACLE STUDIOS Pte Ltd. will be realising the new title together with licensor, The Buffer Partnership and executive producer Stereo Mode.

The new version of ‘Ready 2 Rumble’ is to be released for various videogame platforms. The Japanese experts from AKI Corporation, who have established themselves as one of the leading game development studios within the genre, with hits such as ‘Def Jam’ and ‘WWF Wrestlemania’, have been entrusted with the first development.

10TACLE STUDIOS AG anticipates a turnover through distribution of the game of more than 20 million US dollars by 2010.

10TACLE STUDIOS AG CEO Michele Pes explains: ‘With the release of ‘Ready 2 Rumble’ 10TACLE STUDIOS AG is focusing on one of the major game brands in the market. The family-friendly, humorous realisation of the boxing sport is unique and an ideal supplement to our product portfolio.’

‘We are very pleased to have experienced development partners like AKI Corporation and the producing team of Stereo Mode on board for the realisation of this project. At the same time, this project underlines the strategic position of 10TACLE STUDIOS Pte Ltd. in the Asian games market as a full-service provider for development, production, funding and distribution,’ adds Aroon Tan, CEO of 10TACLE STUDIOS Pte. Ltd.

For many years, Michael Buffer, the most famous boxing ring announcer in history, has opened the biggest international boxing events with the phrase ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble®’. Moreover, ‘Ready 2 Rumble’ stands now for one of the most popular brands in boxing games.

In this game, caricatures of numerous celebrities take it to the ring, where they have to prove their fighting spirit in battles of epically hilarious proportions. Excellent animation, action-packed moves and ironic commentary have already made the predecessors top-sellers and provided enduring gaming fun.

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Nick Chester